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Christian Romslo aka Christian Sol, full time sound designer, engineer, producer and DJ with dozens of releases including albums, EPs, and remixes. Highlights include Creme Fraiche album "Naive" and original track "Thanks" released on Viva Music UK. DJ with over 750 live shows and gigs in Norway and around the world.

Experienced sound designer working with Anti, Bleed, Apt/Try, Pol, Anorakk, Stir, Mission, Dinamo, Snohetta and Bielke+Yang. Client list includes Telenor, Pepsi, Nordic Choice, Danske Bank, Gjensidige, MTV, Absolut Vodka, DnB, Storebrand, Avis, Lendo, Finn, Evry, Aktiv and many more.

Certified trainer and Cubase specialist for Steinberg. Co-founder and owner of Troll Records music label with Nils Noa, counting 34 releases.


+47 9177 9462

Original Music:

Music and Sound Design Work:

Snohetta 2017

The Spark / Snohetta 2018

The Oslo Company

EVRY 2017

Gullblyanten 2016

Norsk Tipping Campaign Finn Folka

Westerdals Oslo ACT

Visuelt 2013 Design Awards

Dear TripAdvisor (SFX) (SFX)

Oslo Innovation Week

Visuelt 2013 Design awards

Visuelt 2014

Gold in Visuelt Design awards

Julekalender “Familien Andersen i Mexico

Dragesmith won GOLD in Visuelt 2013, Moving Image Category, for the Star Tour Christmas Calender. Christian did all the recordings, sound design, mixing and mastering for all the episodes and trailer.

Read the jury comments

All the Episodes of Andersen in Mexico for Star Tour

Music for Visuelt 2013

More Music and Sound Design by Christian Sol:

Weekly club guide. All music and sound design by Christian Sol. Concept and idea by Anti Design Norway for MTV Norway.

All music and sound design by Christian Sol. Concept and idea by Anti Design Norway for MTV Norway and their 5 year anniversary.

Live mapping was projected on a 3 meters tall bottle. Sound design by Christian Sol. Concept by Dunka Dunka and Glitch Light for Pernod Ricard Norway.

RTV News vignette.
Music by Christian Sol. Animation by Stir

Visuelt 2014 Design awards aftermovie

Pepsi Raw
Music and sound design on Pepsi Raw campaign Norway. Concept and design by Anti Design Norway

All voice recording, editing, sound design, music, mixing and mastering on this trailer and all the 24 episodes by Christian Sol. Concept and animation by Dragesmith.

Link to one of the episodes

Troll Records



Creme Fraiche - Sikatune [Telenor Compliation]
Creme Fraiche - The CremeFraiche EP [Clean Productions]
Creme Fraiche - The Pepperoni EP [Clean Productions]
Prima Norsk 1: Creme Fraiche - Green Lights (Prima Norsk Mix) [Beatservice]
4 Tracks EP: Ever Gonna Try; Ever Gonna Try (Alternative mix); Choco; Groove 4 [Planetnoise]
Scoom - I Play Dead (Sol Cstep Remix)
Mikkel - They Make Me (Creme Fraiche Remix) [Cheetah Records]
Prima Norsk 2: Sol & Refraiched - No Smoking [Beatservice]
Samsaya - Pure To Me (CremeFraiche Remix) [Lotus Recordings]
Samsaya - Ever Been Had (CremeFraiche FrampŚ & CremeFraiche BakpŚ Remix) [Lotus Recordings]
Creme Fraiche - Naive (CD - Single) [Planetnoise]
Creme Fraiche - Naive (CD - Album) [Planetnoise]
Bjorn Kaarud & John Moss - Moods Of Cayomba (Christian Sol Remix) [Haiti Groove]
Nils Noa - Monkey Break (Christian Sol Remix) [Deep Records]
Hool & Buckheimer - In The Beginning (Christian Sol, Gooding & Moss Remix) [Toolroom Records]
Christian Sol - Trying to Win [Houselective Records]
Montero - 48k (Christian Sol & John Moss Remix) [Freefall Records]
BjŅrn Kaarud & John Moss - When The Rain Falls Down (Christian Sol Remix) [Sumplus Records]
Nils Noa & Dave Sinister - X - Rated (Christian Sol Remix) [Groovecollection Records]
Pistolpuma - People Don't Stop (Christian Sol Remix) [Houselective Records]
Jay Lumen - Manna (Christian Sol Remix) [Deep Records]
Steve Lawler - Viva London: Nils Noa - X-rated (Christian Sol Remix) [Renaissance]
Derrek Howell - Spare Time (Christian Sol Remix) [Groovecollection Records]
No Logo - Dark Star (Christian Sol Remix) [Urban Torque]
Christian Sol & Nils Noa - Catch that wet mouse [The Factoria Records]
Tom Novy Mix - Hool & Buckheimer - In The Beginning (Christian Sol, Gooding & Moss Remix) [Toolroom Records]
Juan Rojo - Lemon (Christian Sol Remix) [Houselective]
Christian Sol & Pistolpuma - Out Your Mind [Groovecollection Records]
Christian Sol & Pistolpuma - Be Myself [Chuggy Traxx]
Dark side of Summer EP: Christian Sol - Thanks [VIVA MUSIC]
Christian Sol - Default [Troll Records]
Christian Sol - Lepton [Troll Records]
Nils Noa - Uno Dos Rocks (Christian Sol Remix) [Troll Records]
Christian Sol - Deep Field EP [Troll Records]
Nils Noa - Trollveggen (Christian Sol Remix) [Troll Records]
Compliation: Christian Sol & Pistolpuma - Be Myself (Beatchuggers Remix) [La Mans Recordings]
Get Fresh for the Weekend: Christian Sol & Pistolpuma - Be Myself [Hugh Recordings]
Christian Sol - Planck [Troll Records]
Of Norway - Throned By Icewinds (Christian Sol Remix) [Troll Records]
Mike M - I Like It (Christian Sol Remix) [Houselective Records]
Christian Sol - Kids At Work [Troll Records]
Blow Your Speakers Vol. 3: Christian Sol & Nils Noa - ctwm (Noa Remix) [Catwalk Records]
A state of House Vol. 6: Christian Sol & Nils Noa - ctwm (Ivan Pica & Oscar L) [Hugh Rec]
Compliation: Christian Sol & Pistolpuma - Be Myself (Beatchuggers Instr) [Le Mans Rec]
Bora Bora Summer 2011: Christian Sol - Kids At Work [CR2 Records]
Toolroom Knights / Jaguar Skills: Sol, Gooding and Moss - In the beginning [Toolroom Rec]
Tom Gibbs - Helsinki (Christian Sol Remix) [Houselective]
Phonotones Dial 2: Christian Sol & Nils Noa - ctwm (Christian Sol Remix) [Gastspiel Rec]
Charlotte Thorstvedt - Spun (Co-Produced) [Universal Music]
Alex Jangle - BiB's Groove (Christian Sol Remix)[Troll Records]
Christian Sol - Mist EP incl. Kruse & Nuernberg Remix [Troll Records]
Compliation: Christian Sol & Pistolpuma - Be Myself (Sidelmann Remix) [Tech You Very Much!]
Nils Noa - Fade Away (Christian Sol edit) [Universal Music]
Christian Sol - All The Way [Troll Records]
Christian Sol - Light EP [Troll Records]
Christian Sol - Marionette EP [Troll Records]

Selection of releases:

“Marionette“PrimaDeep FieldFrifotThanksLime and Lemon EPMist EPMoods Of CayumbaDark StarIn The BeginningViva LondonEver Been Had